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What Is a Comprehensive Plan and Why Do We Need One?

A comprehensive plan, or a joint comprehensive plan prepared by two or more municipalities, is a policy document to guide services, ordinances, and other decision-making in meeting the needs of citizens as a community. Since communities change over time—some grow in size, some grow in numbers—policies, ordinances, and services should periodically be reviewed.

State regulations require that a comprehensive plan include:

1) A statement of objectives concerning future development, including infill, redevelopment, and open space.

2) Plans to achieve those objectives through various policy and program components:

3) A statement of the interrelationships among the components.

4) Statements indicating that the plan is compatible with planning in neighboring municipalities and with the county.

5) Strategies to implement the plans over time.

Who Prepared the Plan Update?

Hanover Borough and Penn Township hired Gannett Fleming, Inc., and Urban Partners to prepare the joint comprehensive plan. The Borough and the Township also appointed a Joint Steering Committee to provide input and feedback to the planning team as they prepared the draft joint plan. After the joint plan was drafted, the Borough and Township Planning Commissions reviewed the plan, held a public meeting, and made the draft available for public review. The Borough Council and the Township Board of Commissioners received final comments at a public hearing. The final plan is expected to be adopted in early 2015.

How Was the Public Involved?

Formal opportunities for input included:

Both meetings were advertised in local newspapers and this site. In addition, Steering Committee members and the project manager, Michelle Brummer, were available by phone and e-mail to answer questions and receive ideas.

About the Project

Citizens of Hanover Borough and Penn Township are members of one community and one economy—the Hanover area. Over the years, Borough and Township staff have coordinated on water and sewer service and public safety. In 2013, Hanover and Penn began preparing a joint comprehensive plan to guide updates to ordinances, street and streetscape improvements, and further cooperation in providing public services.


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